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View from Shivapuri heights

Break the chains
the very ones that bind you
the ones that were traded to you
by the merchants of lust and dreams

Break the line
the line that was set
by the sheep O’ so blind
who thinks you’re one of it’s kind

Think of the people
who live in the shadows
for the world has decided
to turn off the lights
The wretched, the lonely and the lost
ride the same train
never knowing
which station to get off

Be the seeker
for you were meant to be one
unlearn everything that you picked up
along the forlorn way
you were ordered to obey
and you did just that
Unquestioningly, unhesitatingly
for you were promised
a heaven for your blindness
blissful light for your ignorance
Holy water and the Ganges
to baptize you
and purge you from your sins
you were traded chains, my friend
by the merchants of lust and dreams

So, break the chains
for freedom is life
and what is life
if you cannot ask
why, what and where
without fearing a stare
the answer to your questions
you’ll find it somewhere
Just close your eyes
and look inside for a while
you’ll find what you seek
the quest will end with a smile

And that would be the day
when you’d have broken free
looking at the eyes of the merchant
only to see
he looks a bit like you
and a bit like me



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