Life : A Miracle

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Photo from Unsplash

Life is a miracle if you want it to be
Or, an endless tunnel, with no light you can see
But the sun, the moon and the air is the same
you can live in a moment’s blush, or you can die again

I wish I was a mystic, high up on a hill
live in a little hut, silent and still
But would I find peace within, I shall never know
For I can never tell, which way my heart will go

Carry my blessings, my love, and carry my sins
be the sunshine in my eyes, where it all begins
Fools and Kings have traversed this dusty road forlorn
pretending to know it all, but the child has never grown

It has been written in the stars and in every grain of stand
the will of the universe, only a few can understand
For life is a miracle, happening every day
So live it up while you can, you’ll die anyway



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